Welcome to the future

Control your ambiance with a touch of a button or a swipe of the finger.  With or without automation, motorized options can modernize a home and increase convenience, security and energy savings.  Motorize those large or difficult-to-reach blinds using state of the art, wi-fi connected motors. We can now motorize almost any type of window covering and operate it with a remote control device and/or from a wall switch or phone/tablet/pc. Even some pre-existing window treatments can be motorized.

Operate multiple blinds with one remote using either a line-of-sight infra-red remote, a radio frequency remote that doesn’t require direct pointing or use an app on your phone, tablet or PC. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, you’ll find motorization marvelous for use everywhere in your home or office.

  • New constructions or remodels can take advantage of electrical work by creating cabling solutions for motor installations and connecting directly to home automation systems.

  • If you have an electrical outlet close to the window, an A/C plug can give power to your motorized blinds too.

  • No masonry work or cables necessary.  New battery operated models allow daily use without replacing batteries.  Plug in the A/C charger for a couple of hours and enjoy up to a year of uninterrupted use (models vary).  Solar panels can make even infrequent charging completely unnecessary.  Now it’s easy to make almost any window motorized.

  • Incorporate your blinds into your home automation system and control them from anywhere.  Create schedules for when you are away or make changes on the spot.  Control your blinds, lights, appliances and more over the internet, with your phone or tablet.

  • Many brands and styles available.  

  • Somfy indoor and outdoor

  • Rollease Acmeda (ARC motors and more)

  • Vertilux Celtic motor range

  • Dooya outdoor

  • For all types of shades, blinds, curtains, awnings or screens